Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Mental Soundness

Why Nuwave Health

What separates Nuwave Health Services from other programs is our care and commitment to all of the participants of the program. Whether its substance abuse or mental illness our mission is to help individuals and families to rebuild the family structure and achieve a better way of life.

At Nuwave Health Services everybody is treated like family, we strive to restore the pride and dignity that was loss during the struggles with addiction and mental illness. Nuwave Health Services continues to improve and create new ideas and services to help individuals, families achieve their goals of living a better life within the community.


“Nuwave Health services Saved my life they gave me a vision of life and that gave me hope."

Fred M Baltimore, Md.

“Being around the people at Nuwave health Services encouraged me to do better. I didn’t feel as alone as I used to. Being a part of Nuwave helps me deal with things better during my recovery.”

Anthony J. Baltimore, Md.

"Nuwave helped me out a lot with mental health, housing placement and in getting better socially. Nuwave helped out tremendously with the resources they provided, advice on parenting and just being a better person. My life has changed in a big way.”  

Gerry B. Baltimore, Md.