Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Mental Soundness

Why Nuwave Health

What separates Nuwave Health Services from other programs is our genuine care and commitment to all of the participants in our program. Whether it’s substance abuse or mental illness, our goal is to help individuals and families rebuild the family structure and achieve a better way of life. 

At Nuwave Health Services everybody is treated like family, we strive to restore the pride and dignity that was lost during the struggles with addiction and mental illness. Nuwave continues to evolve its program services and expand its resources to provide participants and staff with the tools needed to achieve our collective goals for individuals, our organization and the local community. 

We feel a Nuwave of treatment, a Nuwave of thinking, a Nuwave of living will be the dominant factor in the success of our participants lives.  


“Nuwave has shown me that living sober is a beautiful thing. I do not need a substance to make me feel whole or happy. There is life without a substance or a drink. I can live a wonderful and fulfilling life without needing to be intoxicated.” 

Patrice B.

“Nuwave helped me with my legal problems and also helped me get benefits and other resources. I am grateful for the owners of Nuwave because they made sure I got the help that I needed and they also interact with the participants. If it wasn’t for Nuwave I most likely would not be alive today.”

Anthony S.

“The Nuwave program teaches me how to be responsible and to maintain my focus on myself. The staff are very helpful and they understand your situation and your struggles. They are generous helping you with your needs. It is a safe place to start a new beginning of a new life.” 

Rudi H.

“With my new Nuwave of living, I’ve grown into a woman who’s changed my active addiction life of fear into F.E.A.R. (Finally Exercising Accountability of Responsibilities in Recovery). With gratitude I know now how to love me just as God intended with each waking day. Feeling success to make today better than yesterday. Nuwave has helped me bring out the best in me. I thank God for my Nuwave angels.” 

Tiana G.

“I love the unconditional love from staff and participants at Nuwave. I love how the participants are growing in every way. I love how we do not have to want for anything. I love how we feel safe and always have a home, a friend and a mentor to help strengthen us when feeling weak.”

Azendia H.